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10 Mandatory concepts of Sports Betting

Welcome to this new article of our Blog, today we will bring you 10 Mandatory Concepts of Sports Betting . So follow us, and don't miss what our specialist has prepared for you.

Before you start, if you still don't know how to create your account at a bookmaker. Take a look at this article, where we teach step by step so that you have your account and start your way as a bettor.

The Concepts

Now let's begin to break down those mandatory concepts that we think are essential in sports betting. It is worth remembering that there are many things more than these 10 that we are going to list, but, it seems to us that with these we summarize well what is necessary for sports betting.


The bonuses are a type of “Gift” of the betting sites, these allow us to obtain extra money to bet on our first deposit. Usually, they are 100% up to a certain value, a classic example of this is the Betmotion Bonus . There you deposit 50 dollars, and you get another 50 gift to bet, that is, you will have a total of 100 dollars to do it.


The odds are a probability that the betting site gives to each event, they can also be known as odds. On them it depends how much we will win if our bet wins, they are the basis of everything so to speak. Below we leave you as an example the odds of a betmotion match.


Handicaps are, in essence, an advantage (or disadvantage) for one of the teams, be it goals, or points, depending on the sport. These are to seek to "match" team fees. And make it possible, for example, to bet with a relatively high share on a favorite. If you want to know more about the handicap, check it out here.


A punter is one that seeks to place bets with a positive expected value in the long term. Your bets in general are made in Pre Live, and if they are live, they are made without expectation of closing the bets. Your winnings are given to make all your bets have value in your odds.

Sports Trader

Trader is said to operate in a sports bag, buying and selling positions in a sporting event. Unlike a Punter, a trader hardly maintains its position until the end, but takes advantage of specific and favorable situations, in case they change, a trader closes its position.


The mindset is the set of decisions that a bettor, whether trader or punter makes in different situations. Whether these are favorable or unfavorable, it is of great importance to have a balance in our mindset, knowing how to cope with bad streaks. It is also important to have correct behavior during good times, so as not to make mistakes during these good periods.

Bank Management

That is, nothing more than the way we manage our capital, how much money we invest in each bet. And that so much of our bank we risk in our movements. There are several ways to manage our bank, some more aggressive, and others not so much, it is of great importance to use proper management of this.


Cashout is nothing more than a tool provided by betting sites. This tool allows us to close bets before the end of the event in which we are betting, allowing us to secure winnings before the end, or minimize possible losses in a bet that goes wrong. We have here an article that thoroughly explains the use and advantages of this great tool.

Expected Value

Also known as EV (Expected Value), this concept is a bit complicated and dense, but, synthesizing it to the maximum, the expected value, is what tells us whether a bet will be profitable or not in the long term. A bet with a positive Expected Value will be profitable in the long term, one with a negative EV will only bring us losses in the long run.