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IKF European Korfball Tour 2021 – update October

The IKF EXCO has decided to cancel the IKF European Korfball Tour Challenger(s) in January 2021. This decision has been taken following the current negative developments regarding the spread of the coronavirus in Europe. With the number of infections increasing and new restrictions imposed by national governments all over Europe, there is too much doubt to continue with the preparations for the EKT-Challengers.

The IKF would like to express its gratitude towards the Polish Korfball Association (PKA) for all the efforts over the last months to prepare the EKT-Challenger in Poland.

The IKF EXCO keeps the option open to hold the IKF EKT-Finals in February in The Netherlands. The developments of the corona pandemic will be monitored closely over the coming weeks and a final decision regarding the continuation of the EKT-Finals will be made ultimately the 1st of December.

Since the EKT-Challengers are cancelled, the two teams that would qualify through these events now need to be appointed. The IKF Competition Committee will discuss this situation in the coming weeks and will decide upon the criteria to appoint the two remaining teams.

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