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Types of sports betting available in the betting world

We can differentiate our bets according to the amount of selections entered in the ticket, what balance we use to play, the sport or sports we enter and their markets or by the waiting time until it is resolved.

There are many ways to bet and classify our bets according to their characteristics . It is not the same to bet on one market as on another, just as simple bets are not the same as those combined or those that we can design, nor will a bet made with real money be the same as another one where we play bonus money. Therefore, we will know a little better the different types of sports bets available , and for this we divide them according to the number of bets, the balance we use, the sport we play or the time it takes to resolve the bet.

By number of bets

When thinking about the number of bets, the most common is to differentiate between single bets or combined bets, also known as multiple bets, although in the latter we find several types of bets according to the selections we make and the amount of bets. On the other hand there are personalized bets, an option that is increasingly popular as it allows you to combine events from the same match.

Simple bets

They are the most basic type of bet: the player makes a selection and bets his money for it . If you have made the bet, you will charge; If you have failed, lose the money. They are the best way to get started in the world of betting, and you don’t have to limit yourself to the simple 1X2. We can make simple bets to any market, and there are even simple bets that include two variables, such as “Team 1 wins and +2.5 goals,” “both score and do not tie,” etc.

Combined or multiple bets

These are bets that include two or more selections. The quota of the different selections included is multiplied , so that the prize when hitting is better than if we bet on each market separately; but it is clear that the more selections are included, the easier it will be for one to fail and lose the combined bet . The key is to find the middle ground between risk and earnings. Normally, selections of different events are included.

Custom bets

We say normal because the last big news in the world of betting is the option that the player chooses a series of selections on the same game, designing his own bet . It is not something available in all bookies, but sooner or later most of those who do not offer it will end up incorporating their betting offer.

By balance used

When we bet we do it with money, although as you know you have to differentiate between real money, the result of your deposits in the betting house and your winnings, and the freebets or bonus money that we obtain through the different promotions that we offer Betting with one type of balance or another has its consequences.

With real balance

The vast majority of bets that are made are with real balance, so if it is a winner we take the winnings and the amount bet (playing € 1 to share 2.0 we get € 2). These are the bets that are computed when participating in promotions or releasing the bonus , provided that other requirements are met (bet on certain markets, minimum quota, etc.).

With bonus money

Either because you are using the welcome bonus or because you have obtained freebets, they are free bets, in which we do not play with real balance but with bonus balance. Unlike real- wagered bets, when playing with bonus money we get only the net winnings (betting on a freebet of € 1 to odds 2.0 we get € 1). These bets are excluded from promotions and do not compute for the rollover.

By sport

Soccer, tennis, basketball, handball, cycling, motor sports, winter sports, darts, rugby, volleyball, table tennis, chess … Any sport is likely to appear in bookmakers, so we can also classify our Bets according to the type of sport. But every sport is a world, so let’s get to know the most prominent markets in each sport.

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