Is it mandatory to verify my identity in a bookmaker? |


Is it mandatory to verify my identity in a bookmaker?

Online gambling operators such as bookmakers or casino are required to verify the identity of their users to prevent fraud. If the account is not verified you will not be able to withdraw funds, and you will have limited deposits.

Verify identity bookmakers

Surely, in recent weeks you have received emails or notices when you log in to your bookmaker, casino, bingo or online poker room to verify your account . In fact, identity verification is mandatory since April 1, 2019 , and many bookmakers have launched incentives for their users to verify their identity as free bonuses for players who verify the account . But what is identity verification? What is it for? How to do it? We will solve the questions about checking betting accounts.

What is identity verification?

Identity verification is a requirement introduced by the General Directorate of Game Management (DGOJ) to protect the player and prevent fraud in online gaming, a sector that continues to grow in our country. When we register at a bookmaker, we have to give some personal information such as our name and surname or ID or NIE number. Well, what is sought with identity verification is to ensure that the registration data matches the user’s personal data . In other words, you have not invented them and you have registered with a fictitious identity.

Is it mandatory to verify my account?

Although the verification of accounts is something mandatory since April 1, 2019 , we can continue betting or playing in our preferred online casino as if nothing … except in two key moments for any player. The first one is to make deposits over € 150 , a figure necessary to access some welcome bonuses , although it is also true that some bookmakers or casinos have reduced their bonuses to require users to deposit less than this amount.

The second time you will need to have your account verified is the withdrawal of funds . If you have not verified your account, you cannot request any withdrawal of funds. Verification is the only way for online game operators to verify that the identity of the user requesting the withdrawal matches that of the registered player. At the same time, online bookies or casinos have their own mechanisms to ensure that money will not end up in the hands of third parties.

How to verify your identity

Verifying the identity of the user is very simple. You just have to send your ID or NIE to the betting house or online casino. To do this, you have to scan or take a photograph on both sides of the identification document, with a good resolution, and send them. We have two options for this:

By email : you just have to attach the images on the back and the front of the DNI or NIE and send them by e-mail to the operator’s email address or as replies to the email they have sent you.

From your user zone : from our user zone we can access verification. You just have to upload the two images of the identity document and the operator will confirm it.

After submitting the documentation, the bookmaker or online casino will check it with the information you provided at the time of registration. When they have checked, you will receive a confirmation email , and you can withdraw funds or make deposits over € 150.

Why can’t I verify my identity?

Do not be impatient if the confirmation email does not arrive, since the verification process can take a few days . The fact that it takes a bit does not mean that there are problems. Moreover, if you cannot verify your identity, the online casino or bookmaker will contact you to solve the problem. These are the most common causes of problems in user identity verification :

  • Invalid format : images in JPG, PNG or even PDF format do not cause problems, but if you sent them in another format they may be illegible, and cannot be verified.
  • Image cut or of poor quality : if a piece of the document has been cut while scanning it or the photo has poor light or poor resolution that makes it difficult to read, the account cannot be verified.
  • Expired document : they will not be able to verify your identity if the DNI or NIE is expired or even if it does so the days after you send it.

As you can see, they are small details that can be easily solved. Be sure to send a readable document and in a usual format , which has not been modified or edited to avoid suspicion and problems. If they cannot verify your account, you will have to resend the DNI or NIE image with that problem solved: better quality or definition, in a usual format, that the entire document is visible, etc.


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Is it mandatory to verify my identity in a bookmaker?


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Bookmakers are required to verify the identity of their users to avoid fraud. EYE You will not be able to withdraw funds!

Types of sports betting available in the betting world

We can differentiate our bets according to the amount of selections entered in the ticket, what balance we use to play, the sport or sports we enter and their markets or by the waiting time until it is resolved.

There are many ways to bet and classify our bets according to their characteristics . It is not the same to bet on one market as on another, just as simple bets are not the same as those combined or those that we can design, nor will a bet made with real money be the same as another one where we play bonus money. Therefore, we will know a little better the different types of sports bets available , and for this we divide them according to the number of bets, the balance we use, the sport we play or the time it takes to resolve the bet.

By number of bets

When thinking about the number of bets, the most common is to differentiate between single bets or combined bets, also known as multiple bets, although in the latter we find several types of bets according to the selections we make and the amount of bets. On the other hand there are personalized bets, an option that is increasingly popular as it allows you to combine events from the same match.

Simple bets

They are the most basic type of bet: the player makes a selection and bets his money for it . If you have made the bet, you will charge; If you have failed, lose the money. They are the best way to get started in the world of betting, and you don’t have to limit yourself to the simple 1X2. We can make simple bets to any market, and there are even simple bets that include two variables, such as “Team 1 wins and +2.5 goals,” “both score and do not tie,” etc.

Combined or multiple bets

These are bets that include two or more selections. The quota of the different selections included is multiplied , so that the prize when hitting is better than if we bet on each market separately; but it is clear that the more selections are included, the easier it will be for one to fail and lose the combined bet . The key is to find the middle ground between risk and earnings. Normally, selections of different events are included.

Custom bets

We say normal because the last big news in the world of betting is the option that the player chooses a series of selections on the same game, designing his own bet . It is not something available in all bookies, but sooner or later most of those who do not offer it will end up incorporating their betting offer.

By balance used

When we bet we do it with money, although as you know you have to differentiate between real money, the result of your deposits in the betting house and your winnings, and the freebets or bonus money that we obtain through the different promotions that we offer Betting with one type of balance or another has its consequences.

With real balance

The vast majority of bets that are made are with real balance, so if it is a winner we take the winnings and the amount bet (playing € 1 to share 2.0 we get € 2). These are the bets that are computed when participating in promotions or releasing the bonus , provided that other requirements are met (bet on certain markets, minimum quota, etc.).

With bonus money

Either because you are using the welcome bonus or because you have obtained freebets, they are free bets, in which we do not play with real balance but with bonus balance. Unlike real- wagered bets, when playing with bonus money we get only the net winnings (betting on a freebet of € 1 to odds 2.0 we get € 1). These bets are excluded from promotions and do not compute for the rollover.

By sport

Soccer, tennis, basketball, handball, cycling, motor sports, winter sports, darts, rugby, volleyball, table tennis, chess … Any sport is likely to appear in bookmakers, so we can also classify our Bets according to the type of sport. But every sport is a world, so let’s get to know the most prominent markets in each sport.


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The Different Types of Sports Betting


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Learn about the different types of sports betting that you can find in the majority of betting houses in the market. Enter and find out!

How to make money with sports betting: 10 tricks that will surprise you

Is it possible to win money with sports betting? It is the question that most online players and bettors ask themselves, and it is a very difficult question to answer. Yes, we can win money with sports betting, but it is not easy . There are very few who can afford to live on what they earn by betting on the world of sports, and we cannot forget that we play against a bookmaker and that, as we have heard so many times, banking always wins . And more in a race like this.

According to the data handled by the Directorate General for Game Management (DGOJ), only one in four players makes money with bets and online play . But the difference between earning money and earning real money is such that the percentage of players with earnings above € 3,000 does not exceed 0.55%. The figures do not deceive, the work is difficult, but with patience and a lot of head we have chances of making money by betting .

10 tricks to win sports betting

Still, there are a number of tricks or tips that we can put into practice in search of that goal of winning with sports betting now . Before reading further, you must be clear that it is a very difficult path, and that one of the determining factors is chance, so none of the tricks you will see next is infallible , although they do have a fairly high percentage of effectiveness. After all, the 100% safe bet does not exist, and the easier it is to be met, the smaller the quota will be and the more you have to invest to get it out.

Bullish directional bets: seize the opportunity when you see it

There are trains that only pass once in a lifetime, and that’s what happens with directional bets. The key is that the implicit probability of the odds offered by the bookmaker is less than the real probability of the predicted result , that is, that the bet has value . Although the bookies set a quota before the game, it oscillates and often they are forced to increase it, which will increase your chances of success. This is what happens when in a 1X2 bet the visitor’s share is 2.0 (50% chance) but it rises to 2.2 (45%) because bettors opt for 1 or X. Therefore, we must analyze the evolution of The fees.

Betting arbitration: the one who seeks finds

Although most bookmakers offer similar odds, sometimes we find large differences and an unbalanced situation , where we can find safe bets . It is clear that no bookmaker will offer quotas where it can lose, but if you analyze the odds of different bookmakers it is relatively easy to find that negative spread due to the adjustment of quotas. Thus, by making a contradictory bet on both bookmakers, you will see that, whoever wins, the real winner will be you since the winnings of one bookie will compensate for the money lost in the other bet.

Low odds are not always safe bets

The legend says that with a low fee we have the guaranteed green, but this is not the case . For example, with a quota of 1.05, which is common in sports such as tennis, the options that come out are 99.05%. However, it is a worthless bet, which also does not help us improve odds around 1.5 and that will put our bankroll in jeopardy . When we take green for granted, we invest in the bet more than we should, putting at risk a high percentage of funds to obtain minimum profits that do not always end up coming out. The low fees have no value and will not help you win money by betting.

Concentration against impulses: analysis is the key

The analysis is one of the keys to make your bets a success . We cannot bet impulsively, although many times our instincts lead us to it. Behind each bet there should be an in-depth analysis of the possibilities and forecasts of the bet. We must be fresh to bet so we will not play when we are emotionally touched, to overcome a bad run or under the effects of substances such as alcohol or drugs, since in those cases we do not analyze the situation correctly or assess the risks. If you do you have all the numbers to end up losing.

Specialize in a market

You have to diversify the bets  (don’t put all the eggs in the same basket), since this is how the risk is shared, but you can specialize in a particular sport or market . For example, if you like boxing you can specialize in bets on noble art; if you are a follower of the Premier you can do it in British football. A few years ago it would have been very complicated, but you have at your disposal all the necessary means to follow a competition or sport and specialize in it. Remember that the more you know it, the easier it will be to get it right with your bets , and the more options you have to win with them.

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