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  • Types of sports betting available in the betting world

    We can differentiate our bets according to the amount of selections entered in the ticket, what balance we use to play, the sport or sports we enter and their markets or by the waiting time until it is resolved. There are many ways to bet and classify our bets according to their characteristics . It […]

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    Is it mandatory to verify my identity in a bookmaker?

    Online gambling operators such as bookmakers or casino are required to verify the identity of their users to prevent fraud. If the account is not verified you will not be able to withdraw funds, and you will have limited deposits. Verify identity bookmakers Surely, in recent weeks you have received emails or notices when you […]

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  • Main fears when betting

    There are many reasons why beginners in betting are afraid of betting and placing their capital on a bet. For example, one of them is that there is not much information or trust in bookmakers. That is, ignorance attacks frequently at this time. On the other hand, pressure and social tradition is another factor by […]

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